Scott Had His Chance, But There Was No Love for Him.

The latest episode of The KardashiansScott Disick is not a man who loves. Kourtney Kardashian was his first love, and he had his chance. The family wasn’t on reality TV yet. Since then, they have been in a long-lasting, on-and-off relationship for ten years. Scott and Kourtney have three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign.

The latest episode of the family’s new Hulu series was all about Kourtney’s engagement to Travis Barker, who planned the whole event. Some fans couldn’t help but notice that her three children weren’t there for the big moment. Fans found it inappropriate that Kendall Jenner asked questions about Scott. Others, however, feel sorry for Scott because he was excluded from the celebration.

[Credit: KUWTK/YouTube]

The Kardashians Scott Disick was not present on Kourtney’s special day

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker shared a glimpse of their engagement in the latest episode of The Kardashians. On Santa Monica’s beach, the Blink-182 drummer proposed. He wanted it as traditional and romantically as possible. There were also bottles of champagne and candles.

Before then, Travis wanted to get Kourtney’s late father, Rob Kardashian’s blessing. So, he went to his grave. Kris Jenner was touched at the honor. She was overcome by emotion. She admitted she loved Travis more than Scott.

Scott Disick Absent From Kourtney's Big Day [Credit: KUWTK/YouTube]
[Credit: KUWTK/YouTube]

Speaking of Scott, he wasn’t present at the event. He was left out and their children were too. Many fans felt that Travis was involved. Kendall Jenner raised concerns about Scott. Kim Kardashian quickly dismissed them.

Scott later confesses to his emotions in his confessional. Scott admitted that he was happy to be a part Kourtney’s and Travis’ lives and that he would love to. He will always love her. If she got engaged earlier on in their life, he would’ve felt differently.

He hopes that their children will be part of Kourtney and Travis’ wedding. Scott would love to be invited. It’s obvious that his ex-girlfriend’s happiness means a lot to him. Some of The KardashiansHis fans expressed their disapproval.

Was he able to miss his chance with Kourtney?

On Thursday, May 5th, one fan took to RedditTo discuss that episode of The Kardashians. They wonder if Scott missed the chance to be with Kourtney. They couldn’t help but feel bad for Scott since the Kardashian-Jenner clan shut him out.

“Yes I know Scott has done some crappy stuff in the past, but I honestly feel so bad for him watching the new show,”The fan wrote. “He just seems so sad that he’s going to lose the Kardashians as his family. I get it’s an awkward situation and Kourt has every right to move on with someone else and live her life.”

Scott Disick Missed Out? [Credit: KUWTK/YouTube]
[Credit: KUWTK/YouTube]

This user also felt Scott was treated like an animal. “afterthought,”He was devastated after the death of his family. They noted that their heart broke when he said that he’s “still family.”The thread was filled with comments from fans. Most said they don’t feel sorry for Scott since he treated her poorly when they were together.

  • “I do not feel sorry for him. There are consequences for the choices we make.”
  • “Travis looks like Gollum Kourtney is insane, Scott is awesome.”
  • “I haven’t watched recently but are he and khloe still friends?”

What do you think about the latest episode? The Kardashians? Are you feeling sorry for Scott? Or, do you think he’s paying for it? Comment below.

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