Say ‘Yes’ to Jennifer Lopez and Maluma’s Steamy ‘Marry Me’ on ‘Fallon’

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma stopped by The Tonight Show Friday to showcase a ballad version of the title track from their new film, Marry Me.

In the film, Lopez’s Kat Valdez discovers her fiancé, fellow pop star Bastian (played by Maluma in his debut movie role) is cheating on her just before their planned public wedding. True to the movie’s musical theme, Lopez and Maluma recorded a soundtrack of original songs to accompany their performances.

“It’s not like a Jennifer Lopez, J. Lo album, or even a Maluma album,” Lopez says of the soundtrack. “It’s a Kat and Bastian album. These are songs that I really picked for the characters and that really kind of, like, further along the story — just like any good musical. It really tells the love story.”

Lopez explained that, despite her many decades in the music business, recording original music for a film was a first for her career. “I didn’t sing in Selena, that was Selena’s voice,” she explains, referring to the hit 1997 film that made Lopez a household name. “So, this is the first time I got to like, sing, make an album for a film. It was like, joining my two worlds together.”

Maluma sat down with host Jimmy Fallon earlier in the week to discuss the film, saying he once forgot the lyrics to a song while performing with Lopez during a scene.

“I was performing with Jennifer,” he recalled. “She came like a queen and I just wanted to hug her. But, we had a teleprompter because I didn’t know the lyrics to the song. And then I started singing and I forgot the lyrics. And I saw the teleprompter and the teleprompter went off. So it was here at the Madison Square Garden, one of the most important concerts of my career. But Jennifer, she held me, man. She got my back.”

Marry Me hits theaters Feb. 11.


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