Save 81% with the PIA Summer Deal! Get 2 months free on your PIA VPN subscription

There are always a variety of VPN deals available online at any time.

It’s worth looking at the PIA summer offer if you are looking to make a long-term savings on your VPN service.


PIA offers two additional months free with its 2-year plan during this summer deal
  • PIA VPN, £1.69 a month for 26 months – Buy Here

A long-term commitment to one VPN brand is a great way to save money over rolling users.

It’s because virtually every VPN provider offers a much lower price for their long-term plans than they do for their month-by-month packages.

You can’t argue that PIA (Private Internet Access) is a savings of 81% over 26 months.

If you are worried about being tied to a VPN service over two years, PIA offers a 30-day return policy.

You have plenty of time to evaluate whether it is worth your while.

Even better, check out our list of top VPN services. Each brand has been tried and verified by us.

Our VPN expert Alessandro Mascellino was commissioned to evaluate a variety of VPN services. This review was done in 2022.

He reviews PIA VPN and notes its solid interface, a few unique features and a solid VPN service.

The rolling monthly cost of this VPN is £8.99, but in this summer offer, that drops to just £1.69 for two years with two free months.

  • PIA VPN, £1.69 a month for 26 months – Buy Here
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