Savannah James, Who Are You? The Life of LeBron James’s Wife

Savannah James, although LeBron James’ spouse, is more well-known for her work in Akron, Ohio.

Savannah James and LeBron James share a love story that spans over two decades. Their beautiful and talented family is perhaps their most important success.

Savannah is not just a basketball spouse. She is passionate about helping the world with her philanthropic work.


Born Savannah BrinsonLeBron James, the youngest of five children, was born in Akron, Ohio on August 27, 1986. She grew up with her dad, J.K. Brinson, a former worker at Akron Paint & Varnish Engineered Coatings, and her mom, Jennifer, a nurse.

Savannah had been dating LeBron before her family became well-known in Akron. Take in childrenTeens in difficult circumstances. Savannah’s children were the majority of those kids.

Savannah used her visibility as LeBron’s wife to carry on her parents’ legacy. She has started a variety of programs for youth and has dedicated some of her time to philanthropic work.

One of these is the Women of Our Future program. It provides support and counseling to ninth- and tenth-graders at Buchtel High Schools, her alma mater.

Savannah was part the softball and baseball team at Buchtel. Cheerleading teamThis allowed her to meet her husband. LeBron James and Savannah James are still in love.

Savannah was a volunteer with LeBron James Family Foundation. In 2018, Savannah launched a furniture brand called Home Court. Also, she ran a Florida Juice Shop.

Savannah is married one of the best basketball players ever, but she doesn’t like to go to red-carpet events and be in front cameras. “comfort zone.”

Her Instagram accountThis is the proof. Savannah, who is 5’7″ tall, mostly shares photos and videos about her children, husband, family members, and friends. She gets thousands of comments and likes when she posts about her own self.

[LeBron]She was treated like a queen, and she was with “so much respect”That it was hard not love him.


Let’s return to LeBron James and Savannah James’ love story. They met at a football match. It is vital to note that Savannah and LeBron were both born in the same year. High-quality rivalsHe graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary.

Savannah was informed later by a friend that LeBron was interested in Savannah and she asked for her number. Instead of giving her number, she chose to take his. But she didn’t text LeBron for a while. Savannah didn’t even know LeBron was a basketball prodigy.

Savannah called LeBron out of boredom one day. He was still interested, and invited Savannah to join one of his basketball matches. Soon after, he took her out to Outback Steakhouse. forgot her leftoversIn his car.

Savannah joked that LeBron came back to Savannah’s house to give her the food. Savannah laughed and said that he was only doing it for a reason to visit her again. Soon after, the couple started dating and have been together eversince.

LeBron proposed to Savannah on New Year’s Eve 2011, many years after he made his debut in the NBA. It was also his 27th birthday celebration.

It took place at the Shelborne South Beach Hotel, Miami. Retired NBA star Dwayne Wade played a key role in the proposal, as he kept the $300,000. Engagement ring. LeBron shared his thoughts about the proposal. :

“It felt like a finals game. I had been thinking about it for a while, but it just came to me one day, and I was like, ‘This is just another part of growth for me.'”

The Los Angeles Lakers’ star realized that Savannah James was his woman of support, and he wanted her back.

LeBron James and Savannah James on September 14, 2013 You tied the knotAt the Capella Chapel Grand Del Mar Hotel in San Diego, California.

Apart from having famous guests – including Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union – the couple got Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Neyo to performFor them.

[Zhuri]Janie and Jack is a children’s clothing brand. Janie and Jack was already an ambassador.

Their website is Eighth Wedding AnniversaryLeBron posted rare photos from the wedding to his Instagram account. The couple was photographed in their wedding clothes, and were seen kissing on a balcony while fireworks were in the background.

LeBron wore black shoes and a dark blue jacket. Savannah wore a white, sleeveless wedding dress.

Savannah may not be in the limelight, but she has been a gushing over her husband quite a few times. Savannah once admitted that her husband treated her like a queen. “so much respect”It was difficult not to love him. He is humble, and she enjoys how he interacts and communicates with their children and families.


Talk about Savannah and LeBron’s childrenThey share two boys with one girl. LeBron Jr., one of their sons. “Bronny”Bryce James and Bryce James are basketball players following in the footsteps of their father.

He was ranked fourth in California and 34th in the nation as of March 2022. He is being sought by the universities of Texas, Ohio State and Duke.

Bryce is a rising star. Like Bronny, he goes to Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles. A few experts in basketball have said he’d be better than Bronny. LeBron tweeted Bryce as the best shooter in their household.

Zhuri is Savannah and LeBron’s youngest child. She is only a teenager, but she has already been a spokesperson for Janie & Jack, a children’s clothing company.


LeBron James’ wife, LeBron, was their boss at home. She revealed that her parenting style emphasized being a leader. “realist,”Not strict. She wants her children to be responsible, honest and trustworthy.

Savannah James, a woman who lives in Los Angeles with a second home in Akron, believes that her children are capable of achieving anything she puts their mind to. Wow, what a talented family!


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