Saugus High Parents React to Texas School Shooting – Los Angeles

According to the FBI, 27 school shootings have occurred in the first six months. One victim was killed or injured. Education WeekThe, which tracks school shootings since 2018, is available here.

The publication, which provides national coverage on K-12 education reporting, reported that there were 119 school shootings since then. One of these was at Saugus High School.

Student walked onto campus, killing fellow students, 15-year old Gracie Ann Muehlberger, and 14-yearold Dominic Blackwell.

Two fathers who lost their sons in the tragic events shared their thoughts.

These two fathers were first met by NBC4 just weeks after their children’s deaths. They discussed gun laws, access to firearms, and security at schools.

They also shared their reactions to the Texas school shootings and the need to take action.

“We’re just angry. We’re frustrated,”Bryan Muehlberger stated. “We’re sitting here watching these parents go through exactly what we went through and the day unfolding for them. The same way it unfolded for us.”

Blackwell explained that denigrating the problem won’t allow for any real change.

“Until we accept the fact that there is an actual problem, all sides accept that there’s an actual problem,”Blackwell stated. “We’re not really going to get anywhere.”

Lolita Lopez from NBCLA asked the fathers their thoughts on what could be done in order to prevent such incidents from ever happening again.

“If we can’t get the guns off the streets, we can’t change laws overnight, we have go to at least protect these schools,”Muehlberger. “We’re the United States of America not the separated states of America, not the divided states of America.”

Blackwell stated that it is important to learn from our mistakes and do better as a nation.

Muehlberger stressed that it is important to talk to your kids and to pay attention to their needs.

“For Gracie and Dominic’s honor, Frank and I will not stop and I think we need to just regroup,”Muehlberger. “I’ve reached out to some of the parents from Parkland and said everything we’ve done over the last number of years isn’t working. We need a new approach.”

Blackwell and Muehlberger have been advocating for new laws to regulate unsolicited and untraceable ghost gun.

They were there when, in April, President Biden bypassed Congress and announced a new federal rule requiring background checks for ghost guns.

Saugus shooting was carried out with a ghost gun.

They promise to keep fighting for schools safety and stopping more senseless violence.

“Definitely keep the families from Texas in your heart today,”Blackwell stated. “They’re going through what we’ve been through and it’s not fun, it’s the worst.”


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