‘Saturday Night Live News’: Is Michael Che leaving?

Saturday Night LiveMichael Che, a cast member, shared an update on his departure. Che became a household name by his appearances on the comedy series. Che joined the show when he was just 15. SNLIn 2013, he was both a writer as well as a cast member. However, he’s hinted that he could leave the show forever.

Che started as a ghostwriter when he first joined the NBC series. He was eventually promoted to staff writer and cast member. When he assumed control of the office in September 2014, he was promoted. “Weekend Update”Cecily Strong hosted the hosting duties. Che was praised a lot by Cecily Strong. Saturday Night LiveViewers love his humor and wit, as well his quick approach to sketching.

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Is Michael Che moving on? Saturday Night Live?

Rumours circulated earlier this year that Micheal Che was leaving. Saturday Night Live. Fans were shocked to hear that he may not be joining the cast. This all took place during his time in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During his stand up act, Che hinted at his departure.

“This is my last year. You know my tie is a clip-on, right?”Che said. “What man wears a clip-on tie to work for eight years — that’s embarrassing.”

However, he backtracked and said that it was only a joke and he’s not really leaving the series. Che saw the rumors and took to Instagram quickly to squash them. He wasn’t pleased when his joke was retold by people and turned it into an article in the tabloid.

Colin Jost With Michael Che On SNL [Credit: SNL/YouTube]
[Credit: SNL/YouTube]

“To comedy fans: please stop telling reporters everything you hear at a comedy show,”Michael Che was stern in his post. “You’re spoiling the trick.”

He had a sit down interview on Friday, May 13th 2022. The New  York Times. During the discussion, the comedian admitted that he’s considered leaving Saturday Night LiveMany times. He also suggested a possible departure in the same breath. However, he didn’t confirm that it would be happening soon.

“My head has been at leaving for the past five seasons,”Che said this before joking. “I do think that I’ve been here longer than I’ll be here. This show is built for younger voices and, at some point, there’ll be something more exciting to watch at the halfway mark of the show than me and dumb [Colin] Jost.”

Saturday Night Live Lorne Michaels [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

What do Lorne Michaels, executive producer, think?

Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels shared his thoughts on Che’s interview with The New York Times. He then responded with a statement to this publication. Michaels says he wants Che around for as much time as possible.

“If I had my way, he’ll be here. And I don’t always get my way,”Michaels stated. “But when you have someone who is the real thing, you want to hold on as long as you can.”

Saturday Night Livecurrently in its 47th year. It will close on Saturday May 21. Do you believe the rumors that Michael Che is leaving are true. Please comment below.

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