Sarah Ferguson gives insight into the charming habits of her grandchildren

Most of the world’s young royals are well-known. Prince William’s kids at royal functions and anxiously awaiting rare photos of Prince Harry’s children. But what about their cousins, though? Sarah FergusonRecently, she shared details about her daughters. Princesses Beatrice, EugenieThey were joined by their newborn babies. 

The Advice Ferguson Wants For Her Grandkids

Eugenie was blessed with her first child, August, in February 2021. Beatrice, however, gave birth to Sienna in September that year. Ferguson recently sat for An interview with Matt Haycox in preparation for his podcastShe shared details about her new grandchildren. 

Ferguson responded to a question about the advice she would offer her grandkids. “Well, August is 15 months and Sienna is eight months. I look at them already and I communicate with them… But I look at them and I think, ‘Oh goodness, always allow a child—or in my case, my grandchildren—to be who they are.”

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“You know, if August wants to play with trains and tractors, he can but if he wants to play with Barbies, that’s okay too,” Ferguson continued. “And at the moment, Sienna wants to play with cuddly teddy bears and very pink things. But if she wants to go play with trains and tractors, well then they can share, can’t they? So that’s all good.”

She continued, “I think that my advice to not just my grandchildren, but to my children too, is [to ask], ‘How do you feel? Does this make you happy? Do you feel like you are doing it because you wish to or are you trying to please or are you trying to overachieve? Where are you in all of this?”

Ferguson: ‘I’m A Darn Good Mum’

Ferguson also discussed how Ferguson’s own childhood was different than that of her grandchildren. “I was brought up with, “Oh, don’t ever think of yourself. You’re too selfish,’”She explained. “And of course, then you never think of yourself and then you go make endless wrong decisions and take the wrong roads.”

“I teach my grandchildren the same way as I’ve taught my two beautiful girls who are the best ambassadors for good mothering because I’m a darn good mum,”The royal was done. The Duchess Of York shares Eugenie, Beatrice, and Prince Andrew with Prince Andrew. She remains close with her ex husband. 

Fans of Ferguson loved getting to hear a little more about the lesser-known royal grandkids, August and Sienna, and enjoyed hearing the Duchess of York’s thoughts on what her grandchildren need to know as they get older. 

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