Santa Ana holds a gun buying event to remove guns from the streets

On Saturday, hundreds of Southern California residents gathered to hand their guns over to Santa Ana Police Department.

Each gun earned a $300 Visa gift certificate.

“I saw the news broadcast last night about turning in old guns, the buyback, and I’ve had these old guns for years and years, decades actually … I thought it’d be a good idea to turn them in and get a little extra spending money for my wife,”Bill Maynard.

Vicente Sarmiento is Santa Ana’s mayor. “nobody is trying to dismantle the Second Amendment.”

“In lieu of having a meaningful and thoughtful discussion about gun control, communities like ours have to be part of the answer. We can’t wait for Congress to act,” Sarmiento said.

John Fenoglio reports on the KTLA News July 23, 2022.


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