Salud! This is the California’s most loved tequila

¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro! 

It’s the traditional toast that accompanies a shot of tequila, and whether you drink yours straight or chase it with a squeeze of lime, there’s no wrong way to drink it.

However, data from a website before National Tequila Day shows that regular tequila drinkers have a preference for a brand.

BetArizona.comGoogle Trends used with the Alcohol News and Culture website VinePairTo determine which brands Americans trust in the tequila industry, the results were overwhelming in favor of one brand.

Using VinePair’s list of most popular tequila brands of the year and seeing which brand people are searching for on Google, found that Don Julio is the most popular tequila brand in 29 states, including California.

Californians love their tequila. According to Statista dataCalifornians drank almost twice the amount of tequila consumed by Texas in 2020.

Don Julio was the number one on the West Coast and Southwest lists, as well as the top spot in many states of the southern U.S.

(Image courtesy

Casamigos was the tequila brand that George Clooney founded. It had strongholds in New England and the Northeastern States. Casamigos was the number one brand in 17 of the United States.

Patron is the tequila of your choice mid-2000’s hip-hop musicIn Ohio and Wyoming, the top spot was held by, Alaskans seem to prefer Jose Cuervo, the classic. Hawaii was not included due to a shortage of data.

Despite being among the most well-known brands, the top-selling spirit lists shakes (or stirs!) slightly differently. In that order, the top-selling brands for 2020 were Jose Cuervo (Patron), Sauza, 1800, and Don Julio.

Tequila is made from distilling blue agave, and Mexicans have been making the beloved liquor since the 16th century when Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés arrived in Central America. Mexico is extremely protective of its traditional distilling methods, history, and traditions. Only tequila produced in Jalisco can be called tequila. Anything else is mezcal.

Celebrities are showing increasing interest in the liquor. Dwayne and Eva Longoria are two of the many celebrities that have expressed interest in the liquor. “The Rock”Johnson, Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas all have stakes in tequila brands. “Breaking Bad”Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who are both stars, have their own mezcal labels. This is technically not tequila, but it’s what we know.

It seems that the traditional brands are still the best choice for Americans, despite endorsements from A-list actors and reality TV celebrities. Don Julio has been making tequila ever since 1942. A brand called Don Julio 1942 has been created by the company. Jose Cuervo was the first to ever hold a license to distill tequila — more than 200 years ago.

According to the National Tequila Day, Sunday, July 24th is National Tequila Day National Day Calendar. Although the website suggests celebrating with a margarita (or a paloma), it reminds people to observe the holiday responsibly.


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