Ryan explains his arrogance in “Below Deck Down Below”

Below, Deck Down Ryan McKeown, Chef Ryan McKeown, is revealing his arrogance. He’s gotten his share of backlash for the way he’s treated chief stew, Aesha Scott. He is regarded as the worst chef in the franchise by his fans. Not only does Ryan butt heads with Aesha, but he refuses to follow the charter guests’ food preferences. Ryan is not happy when a dish goes back to the galley.

He stated that he only does the minimum. His father, who had worked himself to death, was his reason. As a result, Ryan doesn’t want to work as hard as he needs to. Ryan explains his rude behavior in a new interview.

Below, Deck DownAesha Scott is disrespected by a chef

The first season Below, Deck Down premiered last month. Fans noticed how difficult Chef Ryan McKeown has made Aesha Scott’s job for her. He lashed out at her every time she spoke to him. Viewers don’t like how he has been treating the fan-favorite who’s known for her sweet disposition.

This season has already seen the drama. Below, Deck Down. Fans agree that it’s even better than the current drama on Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Ryan is reported to have problems with Aesha and all the crew members. The disagreeable chef has a hard time getting along with anyone when it’s not a crew night out.

“If arrogant was, like, personified, it would be Ryan,”Aesha has spoken before Us Weekly. “He’s a very arrogant man. I think that’s something that everyone — not just as a chef — it’s kind of difficult to be around anyone that’s arrogant.”

However, Below, Deck DownCaptain Jason Chambers, who is the breakout star of the show, claims that he never had problems with him. He would be astonished at Ryan’s behavior. Jason was happy with the quality of his food, despite all the drama in the galley. Jason tried the food and was impressed. “great.”

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Ryan McKeown, Chef Ryan McKeown, shares his story

Chef Ryan has finally shared his side of the story. The Below, Deck Down chef addressed the criticism he’s received this season. In a new interview with Bravo’s The Daily DishRyan attributes his temper to Aesha. He didn’t like the way she asked him about his work history.

“She just kinda comes in, again, with an arrogant question. Instead of, like, you know, communicating it in a way, it’s just, I think her choice of words [was] poor,” Ryan told The Daily Dish. “She kinda came in at a time where I was probably, may have been already frustrated, and I don’t think she approached it properly.”

Ryan and Aesha already felt tension from the first day they began filming Below, Deck Down. It was irritating for him when she asked what kind he liked. “cheffy”He is. He has kept that comment close to his heart ever since. Ryan blames his “arrogance”Learn more about her.

Below, Deck DownStars call out “miserable trolls”

Ryan claims that he doesn’t have any other problems working on yachts. Ryan is so “very well-loved by everybody that I work with.”Aesha is his wife. “absolutely not”Keep in touch with us these days. Aesha is the only one who speaks to him.

Ryan addressed his criticisms of his cooking. Below, Deck Down fans. “Oh, I mean, the trolls are miserable,”He said so. Ryan isn’t the only one who feels this way. Ashley Marti from Third Stew shared a similar message. Below Deck Sailing YachtFans who have criticized her.

What do you think about Ryan? Do you think he’s to blame for his behavior? Leave a comment below. Watch new episodes of Below, Deck DownPeacock will drop off on Thursdays

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