Russia-Ukraine war LIVE – How evil Vladimir Putin is making YOUR weekly shop more expensive by ‘weaponising West’s food’

EVIL Vladimir Putin “weaponising”The blockage of Ukraine’s exports has caused a shortage in western food supplies

Foreign Secretary Liz TrussToday, accused PutinYou can search for “hold the world to ransom”Through Russia’sBlockade Ukrainian grain exports.

Around 22 million tonnes of grain are reportedly stuck in Ukraine – one of the world’s biggest wheat producers – as a result of the Russian naval blockade.

Putin’s slippery tactic is being seen as a response to the West’s tirade of sanctions against all aspects of the Russian economy in response to the Ukraine war

Ms. Truss rejected the Russian president’s request to lift international sanctions on her country in exchange to opening a humanitarian corridor for shipments to resume via the Black Sea port at Odesa.

Speaking during a visit to Bosnia Herzegovina, Ms Truss said the UK will work with allies to get as much as possible out of the country, amid fears of food shortages in some of the world’s poorest countries.

“It is completely appalling that Putin is trying to hold the world to ransom. He is essentially weaponising hunger and lack of food among the poorest people around the world. We simply cannot allow this to happen,”She said.

“Putin needs to remove the blockade on Ukrainian grain. We will do all with our allies and partners to get the grain out of Ukraine and supply the rest of world. What we cannot have is any lifting of sanctions, any appeasement, which will simply make Putin stronger in the longer term.”

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