Royal Mint releases a commemorative coin of Queen riding on horseback to celebrate Platinum Jubilee

A commemorative coin showing the Queen on horseback has been unveiled by the Royal Mint ahead of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

John Bergdahl designed the coin. It is the UK’s first mintable 50p coin to commemorate a royal occasion.

The coin depicting Queen on Horseback, marking 70 years of her reign on the throne will be struck at the ‘heads’ side of a new 50p and traditional £5 crown.

The Royal Mint stated that the design is similar to the equestrian designs of the 1953 Coronation crown pieces and the 2002 Jubilee Crown pieces. It has also been personally approved and approved by Queen Elizabeth II.

Children at Saltford C of E Primary in Bristol are presented with the Platinum Jubilee 50p. This will be given to 7,000 QGC Forestry Award-completion children. (PA)

The Royal Mint’s Divisional Director of Commemorative Coin Clare Maclennan said: “The Platinum Jubilee is an historic occasion and one that is particularly special for The Royal Mint, as the original maker of British Coins for 1,100 years.

“In celebration of this landmark event, the official Platinum Jubilee collection, including the new 50p and traditional £5 crown, features a unique commemorative design on both sides of the coin.

“Designed by esteemed artists and made with original craftsmanship, Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee coins are enduring pieces of art that will be collected, cherished and passed down for generations.”

Chris Barker, Royal Mint Museum Historian, has been added to the list: “The Queen’s legacy on coins stretches the length of her momentous reign, with The Royal Mint striking five definitive portraits of Her Majesty on official UK coin and celebrating previous Jubilees.

“The 1977 Silver Jubilee crown was the first major UK commemorative coin produced at The Royal Mint’s Llantrisant home, after the minting in London ceased in 1975. Roughly thirty-seven million coins were produced at that time, and thousands were gifted to children across the UK as a memento of the occasion. Today’s launch marks another significant milestone, and The Royal Mint plays a proud part in the nationwide celebrations.”


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