Romeo & Hai Have A Falling Out over Religious Beliefs

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The many relationships between SurvivorSeason 42 has seen many changes. Some for the best, some for the worst. Hai Giang is a case in point. Fans have seen friends turn into enemies, and friends to enemies. His relationship with Romeo is one friendship that appears to have ended in a bittersweet way.

They had an initial bond that was based on their shared experience as LGBT Americans. However, their bond changed drastically and they became bitter rivals a few episodes later. Romeo and Hai shared harsh words about one another. For many of their fans, the speed at which they attack each other is a little too rapid. Hai recently added some context to the role religion played in their conflict.

Allies Become Enemies

Hai Giang survivor season 42
Hai Giang SurvivorSeason 42

In An exit interview with Entertainment Weekly,Hai talks about Romeo’s faith in the game.

“I asked him straight up. I’m like, ‘Did you vote for me?’ ‘No, Hai. I swear on my creator. I did not vote for you.’”

In the interview, Hai states that he’s an atheist and had no intentions of letting any player persuade him with personal beliefs. No matter what your religion is, it’s considered a violation of the law to lie and swear on your god. Romeo is Salvadoran-American. El Salvador, as most Central American countries, has deep Catholicism roots. Their flag even includes the word “Dios”(Spanish for “God”It.

It wouldn’t be the first time a SurvivorA contestant has committed a lie on sacred material. Tony Vlachos was a two-time winning player. He swore several times on his family members and children during his first winning season. At the final tribal council, many of his fellow players called him out on it. Overall, though, he’s a fan-favorite player nowadays. Many appreciate his frequent lies and chaotic gameplay. At the end of the day, if Romeo gets results from whatever he swears on, it’s up to him to reconcile that with himself later. He should not be judged by the rest of us. It’s just a game at the end.

Survivor42: Hai No More

As of last week’s episode, Hai is officially out of the game. Surprised fans discovered that Romeo didn’t cast one vote that sent Hai out. Although, Hai notes his exit interviewIt had nothing to do the two of them burying hatchets and was only for security in case Hai had an advantage. It won’t be the same without Hai, but the season is still going strong.

The new episodes of SurvivorSeason 42 is broadcast every Wednesday.



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