RoboCop Rogue City: Trailer, Release Window, and Gameplay

Also see that reveal trailerThere are many fast cuts between various action scenes. The trailer’s gameplay sections show several other elements besides first-person shooting. RoboCop can be seen kicking a trashcan into a person in order to take them down. He also picks up an enemy and throws them. The movie’s onscreen targeting lines are shown during gameplay. RoboCop tracks over enemies and shoots them. However, it is unclear if this is part of the game or just an added feature to the trailer.

RoboCop is seen fighting an ED-209 unit in the trailer. So expect RoboCop to do more than just take down criminals. RoboCop never used a weapon other than his automatic pistol. This was one of the most interesting things about the trailer. It may have been accurate in the movie, but it would still be strange for a first person shooter to only have one weapon. The game will likely allow players to upgrade the legendary hero’s arsenal.


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