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How to Make a Roblox Game (2/4)

3. Create Your Parts

From the Properties panel, you can change the colour of your Parts.

You can also adjust the Transparency and the Reflectance.

You can Anchor the Parts that you want, meaning have a Part float rather than have it float and then fall in your game.

You should also tick Cancollide from the top menu or else players would be able to walk through your Parts.

You change the name of your Parts too from the Name section in Properties.

4. Place an object someone has already made

In the Toolbox section, type in a keyword that brings up anything that you want to use for your game, for example, tree.

Any object placed in your game will be found under the Workplace tab in the Explorer section.

This tab allows you to delete any Parts and Objects you no longer want.

All you have to do is click on the object and press Delete or backspace on your keyboard.

Also, make sure to turn off Collisions from the top menu, or else your Parts will be turned into each other rather than collide with each other.


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