Rob Gronkowski Sends Emotional Message to Tom Brady Following Retirement

Rob Gronkowski is going to miss playing with Tom Brady. Shortly after Brady announced his retirement from the NFL, Gronkowski went to Instagram to share a video compilation of the two playing together and the song “You’re my Best Friend” from Queen playing in the background. And in the caption, Gronkowski wrote a message to his former teammate. 

“Tommy Boy!!! This football journey with you has been nothing short of special,” Gronkowski wrote. “Thank you for your dedication to the game, putting the team in the best possible position to win every year, all the records that were broken, the Super Bowls, the memories, and your friendship through the last 12 years.

“If you commit even just 10% of what you committed to football in whatever you do next, you will be super duper successful. I witnessed greatness for so many years and got to learn from the best to ever do it. You’re a legend and always will be.” Brady is the only quarterback Gronkowski played with during his career. The 32-year-old tight end played with Brady for nine seasons when the two were with the New England Patriots (2010-2018). Gronkowski didn’t play in 2019 but returned in 2020 when Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the 2020 season, Brady and Gronkowski helped the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl.

With Brady gone, does this mean Gronkowski will retire for good? “I’m just going to take some time, get my mind away from football for a couple of weeks,” he told Fox News. “You know, let that decision come naturally in a couple weeks. As of now, you know, you can’t make the decisions. Your emotions are just flying so high, they’re up and down, especially after a loss like that. It definitely stings a little bit.”

Like Brady, Gronkowski will be a first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer when his career comes to an end. Along with winning four Super Bowls, Gronkowski has been selected to the Pro Bowl five times and the All-Pro First Team four times. In his career, Gronkowski has caught 621 passes for 9,286 yards and 92 touchdowns. He is a member of the 2010s All-Decade Team and the 100th Anniversary All-Time Team. 


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