Riverside substitute teacher arrested for child sexual abuse

According to authorities, Wednesday’s arrest of a 53-year-old man working as a substitute teacher led to his suspicion of child sexual abuse.

Riverside Police Department detectives began investigating sexual abuse allegations against minors earlier this month.

On April 9, they arrested Carl Jess Sanchez of Riverside. On April 9, he was arrested on suspicion of aggravated sex assault and lewd, lascivious acts towards a child younger than 14. Police said that his bail was set at $1million.

Sanchez has not been named or given any further information.

Police say Sanchez was a Riverside County sub for many years. He has also been with other children.

Though it is unknown if he victimized others, police asked anyone with information about Sanchez or the investigation to contact Detective Janet Ramos at 951-826-8716 or [email protected]


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