Riverside Burglar Slithers Through Salon, Pocketing $8K – Los Angeles

Surveillance video at an Inland Empire salon captured a strange sight: a burglar was seen crawling along his stomach through the whole business to get thousands in cash.

The salon owner calls him the “snake burglar.”

Lori Hajj, owner of Rustic Roots Salon on Indiana Avenue in Riverside, was shocked when the man broke through a rooftop fire escape.

“It just gave me chills up my spine,”She spoke.

According to the owner, the burglar broke into the home and stole hundreds in dollars of products, petty currency from the register, as well as a safe that contained more than $8,000 worth of valuables.

A security guard who was installing a new alarm system at the salon following the break-in says burglar was definitely trying to avoid the motion sensor.

Although the burglar made a lot of mess, he didn’t trip the alarm.

“You don’t think it’s going to happen to you, especially because of how secure the salon is,”Hajj spoke.

Investigators believe it was not an isolated incident.

Riverside staff believe that the same man tried to rob the business. But he wasn’t able to get away with it.

Jessica Bryant stated that he was only there for 10 minutes before setting off sensors. He then fled on a skateboard.

One week earlier, Enzo’s Pizza may have seen the same crawling guy.

A security camera shows a man crawling around on his stomach.

According to the pizza shop’s owner, the man is targeting businesses on Indiana Avenue and Tyler Street.

Anybody who recognizes the man will be asked to Riverside police.


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