Ricky Gervais reveals he’s going to release his first ‘serious’ song

Ricky Gervais, a comedian and musician from Ricky Gervais, has released comedic songs under his cringe-worthy character David Brent. The Office Who viewed himself as a rockstar? Road life – but now he’s set to release a “serious”First time you hear the song.

The tune was written by the 60-year old. Only Three Things This will be part of his soundtrack for the Netflix black comedy series After Life.

“I wrote a song with Andy Burrows for After Life. It’s not in the show but the instrumental is, because it’s really good – we recorded it and I’ve even cut an ­unofficial video for it,”He stated, The Sun reported.

Despite being quick to pick up the guitar as office manager David Brent – Gervais himself confessed he’s “worried”About releasing the song.

“But I’m worried about putting it out because I’m embarrassed as it’s a real song,” Gervais explained. “I can put out ironic songs as David Brent but I haven’t written a serious song in 40 years so I’m ­thinking, ‘What if it’s crap?’ – but it’s not, it’s really good.”

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He said that the song was about the Netflix hit series, which Gervais directed and stars as Tony. Tony’s life is turned upside-down after Lisa’s death.

While Gervais’ vocals are front-And-centre in Brent’s musical exploits such as Free Love Freeway and Lady Gypsy, it’s Burrows’ vocals who feature on the new song.

“It’s not me being me, it’s a song about After Life and Andy’s ­singing so I wouldn’t need to tell ­anyone that I’ve written it but still. There’s something in it when you’re being serious. You’re worried about the critical reaction more than when you’re being stupid because when you’re being stupid and somebody goes, ‘That’s ­rubbish’ you’re like, ‘I don’t give a f**k’.

Gervais continued: “If you’re being really serious and someone says, ‘It’s rubbish’, you go, ‘F**k, is it?’ And also, music means so much to me and there’s so many artists I’m so in awe of, for me to suddenly go, ‘I can do that.’ Plenty of other people have thought that and failed.”

After Life Netflix will release season 3 in 2022.


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