Richie Moriarty, Star of ‘Ghosts,’ Reveals His Biggest Question for Season 2 (Exclusive).

The hit CBS sitcom Ghosts wrapped up its debut season this past April but with the anticipated Season 2 about to start filming in Montreal this June, series star Richie Moriarty shares with what he hopes to see for the sophomore offering, particularly when it comes to his character Pete Martino — the former Pinecone Trooper, who died on the Woodstone grounds in 1985.

“Oh, man. I think the biggest question that I want to be answered for him is, what’s going on with he and Alberta,”He spoke exclusively to PopCulture “I think we’ve planted all these seeds, especially toward the end of Season 1 of a potential relationship there. I just adore Danielle Pinnock and I think it would be so fun to have a little budding love story in Season 2 of Ghosts. I’m very interested to see what the writers have in store for that relationship.”

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Pete, Moriarty’s character, is just starting to navigate (the after), life following a moment with Carol (Caroline Aaron). “Pete’s Wife,”The Scoutmaster’s inability express his emotions is, no doubt, what prevents him from getting “sucked off”Trevor Lefkowitz, a Woodstone ghost (Asher Grodman), would be the best to put it. “There’s no other way to say it, right?”Moriarty laughs. “I think this is all still very new to Pete. I mean, Pete was married forever and even in his afterlife considered himself a married man, was very much still committed to his wife, and I think getting that permission from her and seeing that she has moved on with her life, he’s like, ‘Okay, it’s time for me to move on with my afterlife.’ But that’s easier said than done.”

Acknowledging the difficulties of the transition “big character switch”Pete believes that Moriarty speculates on the future of his character because of this predicament. “[Pete] hasn’t dated in — I don’t know how many years total being living and dead, but it’s been a very long time since Pete’s been on the market. So I think he’s still trying to get comfortable with that and come into his own and figure out, who am I when I am dating or exploring a new love interest.”

Pete creates a fake relationship with Nancy, Betsy Sodaro. This is to hide his feelings about Alberta. “Sam’s Mom,”Moriarty says that he hopes Nancy’s revelation of him as a pushover, will inspire his character to do more in Season 2. “I hope Pete can get more bold and really stand up for himself and ask for what he wants and, yeah, just be bolder all around,”He stated. “I mean, be bold in that relationship with Alberta, really take stock of what he wants, and go for it. I think there’s so much humor in situations where you have a character who’s overly confident and doesn’t deserve to be really, and I think seeing Pete gain more confidence in a world where he is still a bit awkward and nerdy, it’s ripe for great situations. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for him.”

This April, GhostsPopCulture’s Joe Port, Joe Wiseman and Joe Wiseman confirmed to PopCulture they were in the Phase of “talking”Particulars on the show’s budding love affairs, including Pete and Alberta as well as Thor & Flower. “The writer’s room for Season 2 has been up for about three weeks now and we’ve planted a lot of seeds and we definitely want to follow up on all of those [relationships] for sure,”Wiseman spoke at the time.

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