RHONY’s Bethenny Frankel Just Won A Huge Court Ruling

According to Page Six, a ruling handed down on Wednesday by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz relieves Frankel of having to make child support payments to Hoppy. Allan Mayefsky, Frankel’s lawyer, told the court that Bryn is primarily living with her mother, though the couple currently has a 50-50 custody agreement, making support payment unnecessary. 

Mayefsky also requested that the couple’s custody schedule be changed to bring about an end to their fighting and reduce the number of hours Bryn spends with her father. Mayefsky and Frankel alleged that Bryn has experienced anxiety attacks, broken out in hives, and sometimes refused to see her father due to the tension surrounding the custody battle.

Hoppy appeared at the hearing without a lawyer and agreed not to contest Frankel’s request. “This is not a Bryn issue or an issue that Bryn has with me. Therefore, I’m removing myself from this fight — for Bryn and my physical, emotional and mental health,” he told the court. 


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