Residents of Menifee, DA hear off on proposal to transfer sex offender to senior living community

Menifee residents expressed outrage at the fact that a convicted sex offenders is being placed within their community.

Residents, law enforcement officers, and the Riverside County district attorney met to discuss Lawrence Philip Moff, a 68-year old man who was ordered by a judge to be released from Coalinga State Hospital.

“This is a lovely community and we don’t need this,”One resident stated.

Moff’s history of sexual molestation dates back to the 1970s and includes crimes in Los Angeles and Riverside counties.

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison, but with this judge’s granting of a conditional release, he might be headed to the Sun City senior living community.

Sun City residents say not only are there schools in the area, but their grandchildren often visit, and they’re worried about their safety.

“I just want you to look me in my eyes and tell me that you’re going to protect my children. There’s one school about 0.7 miles from this facility,”One resident said.

Mike Hestrin from Riverside County District Attorney echoed many of those concerns.

“Our position is that he is not suitable for release because he hasn’t been adjudged to have been recovered, so to speak. And then secondarily, not this area. There are too many kids,” Hestrin argued.

Sun City owner Thomas Uata attempted to assuage the residents’ concerns.

“I want to reassure you that as a caregiver and a care provider, our job is just to provide care. That is all we do. We’ve been informed that this is what the court has ordered,”Uata.

However, not all residents believe Uata is acting in the best interests of their community. Many claimed that Uata had the opportunity to turn Moff away, but he didn’t. They’re also asking for more security.

“Don’t try to sit here and say you’re in the best interest of this community. You’re in the best interest of your own pockets,”Sabrina Spady, a Menifee resident, said:

On Wednesday, Hestrin collected statements and signatures that the District Attorney’s office will be assembling into an affidavit to submit to the judge in an attempt to change her decision.

A hearing in court is set for July 29.


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