Residents Fed Up With Street Takeovers – Los Angeles

Overnight, multiple gunshots could be heard at a street takeover in Crenshaw and Florence. Many spectators fled for cover.

Although there are no injuries reported by police, it was the latest street takeover in which drivers attempt dangerous stunts at intersections while hundreds of spectators watch.

Residents are fed up

“It’s pretty much reckless,”Rick Gonzalez “I don’t think it’s good for the city, the people who live around there or even businesses that conduct their business around there.”

Renee Castro agrees.

“They are attention seekers,” Castro said. “They are doing it recklessly and they don’t have a care for other people’s lives.”

The takeover night video shows passengers hanging out of the windows and watching as they make doughnuts while spectators are only feet from vehicles. Many people gathered together took photos for social media.

“A lot of people are trying to get attention,”Sulina Kettigna

Street takeovers can lead to injury and even death.

A Compton bicyclist was killed riding through an area that was hosting a sideshow in May.

To crack down on the LAPD and CHP, a task force was formed by the CHP and LAPD.

Sideshows still happen despite the fact that vehicles are being impounded, tickets written and arrested.

San Bernardino police released a video showing a man using a flamethrower at a street takeover that took place in April. They also issued a warrant for the arrest of a man.

“Who in their right minds just comes out with a flame thrower in public when there is crowds of people?”Kettigna spoke.


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