Republican Lawmaker Apologizes for Trying To ‘Pants’Referee at High School Basketball Game


A Tennessee Republican has apologised after being filmed losing his temper at a school basketball match and attempting to ‘pants’Referee

Jeremy Faison, 45, is a Tennessee House Republican. This makes him one of America’s top legislators. He’s also got a short temper though – as bizarre footage taken from a game of basketball between Providence Academy and Lakeway Christian Academy in his home State proved.

The footage shows that the game between the private religious schools was stopped when players fell on a ball. Faison, an angry man, stepped in to see the scene.

A referee told the representative to leave, but he walked him onto the court. However, Faison instead pointed a finger in the referee’s face and said, ‘You can’t tell me to leave the floor this was your fault.’

Faison decided to go for an old-fashioned look, which was quite bizarre. ‘pantsing’ and tried to grab the official’s trousers to tug them down, only to fail – much to the bemusement of everyone in attendance. The official left the scene.

Unfortunately for the Republican, the game was being streamed by Providence Academy, and so it wasn’t long before his actions were viewed by a wider audience, leading to him issuing an apology.

In a Facebook posting that was later shared by him TwitterFaison wrote. ‘For years I thought how wrong it is when a parent loses their temper at a sporting event. It’s not Christian and it’s not mature and it’s embarrassing to the child have always been my thoughts.

‘Unfortunately, I acted the fool tonight and lost my temper on a ref. I was wanting him to fight me. Totally lost my junk and got booted from the from the gym.’

I’ve never really lost my temper for all to see, but I did tonight and it was completely stupid of me.

Never let emotions get in the path of rational thinking.

I want to be able ask forgiveness of the ref. I committed a terrible error.

By the time of his apology, however, Faison’s misdeed had already reached the rest of the House.

”Pantsing’ a ref on the gym floor is next level bullying…not even the stuff of middle school locker rooms,’ Rep. Gloria Johnson, a Knoxville Democrat, tweeted in his response.

The rest of the House, we presume, will be doubly sure to make sure they’re wearing belts when in session from now on.


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