Rent increases for California tenants could reach 10%

Attention tenants in California. August 1st is the day landlords across California are permitted to increase rent by up to 10 percent

Apartment complexes built prior to 2007 can increase their rent by ten percent annually, but there are many restrictions that landlords must follow in order to prevent them from raising rents that high.

The 10% increase is only applicable to units that aren’t subject to local rent control rules.

In Los Angeles, apartments built before October of 1978, which represent the majority of the city’s rental units, fall under rent control rules which allow for much smaller increases, according to the Los Angeles Times.

And at least for now, due to coronavirus pandemic regulations, those landlords can’t increase rent at all.

According to the Times, those who live in newer buildings may still be eligible for anti price gouging regulations. This would again limit maximum rent increases at 10% per annum during declared states or emergency.

Rents are being controlled in individual cities as well.

Pomona’s council will vote on keeping rent increases below 3%.


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