Redondo Beach Cafe Manager gets hit by a getaway car during a dine-and-dash end

The manager of a Redondo Beach restaurant was struck by a car after chasing two people who dined and dashed out Monday without paying their bill.

The two people ordered a myriad of items at Ragin Cajun Café, located at 525 S. Pacific Coast Highway, including more expensive items on the menu like steak and lobster, owner Lisa Hodges told KTLA.

The couple sat down on the outside patio’s furthest seats for approximately 40 minutes before returning inside to get to-go containers. They left before they paid their $90 invoice.

“[The manager] went out to clean the table and grab the check, and their checkbook was empty,” Hodges said. “That’s when he saw them driving off in their car.”

In a quick decision, the manager — who didn’t want to be identified — hopped over a barrier and stepped in front of the car, asking the diners to pay for their bill, Hodges said. They told him to come to the side of the vehicle so they can pay, but when he didn’t move, the driver stepped on the gas.

Video captures the moment that the manager is struck in the parking lot and ends up on the car’s hood.

“They turned so quickly, that he fell off … onto the sidewalk,” Hodges explained.

The manager was able to leave with minor injuries but is still shaken, according to the owner of the restaurant. He was back at work on Wednesday.

Both the dine-and–dash couple were identified as a white woman and a black man in their 20s. The suspect vehicle was either a Chrysler sedan or Ford red sedan.

Redondo Police told KTLA that they’re working to identify the two suspects, who remain outstanding Wednesday night.

Redondo Police Department is open to anyone with information.


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