Reddit goes down as users report that the app is not loading. Platform investigates 503 pages and reports an ‘increased rate of error’

Reddit users report that the app isn’t loading and they are receiving the 503 page.

Site claims it’s “currently investigating an increased error rate.”


Reddit users have reported thousands of outagesCredit: Getty

The site has shared an update as of 9:09 ET “We have identified the cause and engineers are implementing a solution.”

According to Downdetector, at least 51,480 outages were reported within the last hour.

Twitter users were frustrated and took to Twitter to ask if anyone else was experiencing a similar problem.

“So reddit is down rn right? It’s not just my janky a** McDonalds wifi internet?”One user on Twitter wrote:

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“Checking here to confirm the worst – reddit is down!!,”Another person said it.

“Reddit is down. Shocker,”Another tweet.

“Reddit is down and I’m not sure what to do with all this newfound free time,”Another tweet.

The app is still working on the problem.

Reddit updated at 9.09 ET with an update confirming that they have identified the source of the downtime.

The company also has engineers working on a solution.

Reddit was online as of 10:05 ET.

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