Reality TV stars that are nothing like they appear

The number of viewers who tuned into “MasterChef Junior”For the first time, they were able to see a different side Gordon Ramsay. He was much more gentle, patient, and understanding than his fans. He had also completely renounced his explicit language usage. This softer side of Ramsay may be closer than we see on TV. According to his former employees, he does have a soft spot for people.

Interview with MashedChristina Wilson, Season 10 Winner, explained that Ramsay isn’t exactly the same behind-the scenes but he gets frustrated only during intense scenes on his shows. “I would say that, the only time you ever really see him throwing plates, punching salmon, doing that kind of thing is during dinner service,”She elaborated. “He only does it on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ Or ’24 Hours to Hell and Back,’ that kind of thing.”

Tash Pericic was Ramsay’s former assistant manager at Maze while working as a chef. “He’d come in, say hi, come into the kitchen, check that everything’s okay,”Pericic spoke to us in an interview. Insider. “It was fun, and quite entertaining.”Ramsay once got frustrated by a phone call from Pericic over chairs he didn’t love that were ordered by an assistant for holiday parties. Pericic says that Ramsay kept his cool with employees and even offered champagne. Ramsay’s former coworkers can testify to his calmer side which fans rarely get to see.


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