Real Life Friendships between Emma Watson and Tom Felton: Harry Potter’s Emma Watson

During an interview Us Weekly2018: Tom Felton stated that Emma Watson and him were still friends in real life. “Lovely Emma. We do see each other quite a lot actually,”Felton stated. “We just don’t always post pictures about it. Everyone loves the reunion of it. We’re reuniting all the time; we just don’t always post it on Instagram.”

Interview with a 2021 candidate ETFelton was asked about their potential romance, but he almost dismissed them. “As far as the romantic side of it, I think that’s a Slytherin/Gryffindor thing rather than a Tom and Emma thing,”He said. Felton, however, did confirm that they had spoken quite frequently and that Felton believed that he “[thinks] the world of her.”Felton, however, did reveal that their friendship had reached a point of “trivial” conversations: “I spoke to Emma a couple [of] days ago and immediately it was conversations about, ‘Oh wow, the kitchen sink’s been plugged’ or some trivial nonsense like my dog wouldn’t eat a particular kind of food.”

Fans may be disappointed to learn that the couple has never been in a relationship, but it is comforting to know that their friendship continues to flourish, even if they are not together professionally.


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