Rayne Waldrop Pretty In Pink Accessory

Sweet Home SextupletsRayne Waldrop, a star in the movie “The Killer,” looks lovely in pink in this latest photo. Courtney Waldrop, mom of Rayne Waldrop, revealed that her little girl has a new accessory. Scroll down for more information.

Courtney posted a new Instagram Story where she admired one of her four-year olds and showed off her cute looks. The Sweet Home SextupletsMama posts a lot about her kids, giving updates on their lives and sharing photos. TLC has decided to not air their children’s stories again, so viewers can catch up on the latest news by following them.

Courtney Waldrop keeps Sweet Home SextupletsFans are kept up to date on the progress of all children.

Courtney shares many photos on Instagram of her children. Recently, Courtney revealed that her sextuplets had gone to gymnastics together. Courtney was intrigued by their handstands and wondered if she would be able to give it a try.

Sometimes, Courtney will share individual posts about each kid, and other times, she’ll share about all of the sextuplets together or just all of the girls or all of the boys. It depends on how the kids are doing, and which photos she is able to get. Their family is constantly on the move and keeps them very busy.

Courtney now has an update. This time, she’s showing off a cute new photo of Rayne Waldrop.

Rayne Waldrop shows off her new accessory.

In a new Instagram Story post, Courtney showed off Rayne’s new pink accessory. Rayne is shown in this snap wearing a pair pink glasses. Check out the adorable photo below.

Courtney also labeled each photo so that the fans knew who was there. Sometimes, she doesn’t reveal which kiddo is in which picture, which leaves fans asking questions.

The four-year old is sitting in a pink chair next to the window. She’s in a little white dress with pink flowers and ruffles. Her hair is in a braid. She’s smiling big at the camera as she shows off her cute pink accessory.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram, Rayne Waldrop

Courtney also shared the photo of Rayne Waldrop and called her daughter a “cutie pie.”

What do you think about Rayne Waldrop in pink? Are you in love with her new glasses! Comment below. Come back! Television Shows AceMore information on the Sweet Home Sextuplets family.

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