Rare red flag weather warning: 80mph winds pose a fire risk to almost six million Americans

A rare warning has been issued to nearly six million Americans that 80mph winds could cause wildfires.

This rare event will take place from Monday morning to the noon hour as severe winds blow from UtahSoutherners will be impacted Colorado.


For almost six million Colorado residents, a red flag warning is in placeCredit to CBS local
The Denver metro area and parts of the northeastern plains are under a fire weather watch


Denver, Colorado and some parts of the northeastern Plains are under fire weather watchCredit: AP
A mixture of powerful winds and dry weather conditions could spark dangerous wildfires


Combining powerful winds with dry weather conditions can cause dangerous wildfiresCredit to CBS local

Until Monday afternoon, a high wind warning will be in effect in parts of south-central Colorado.

“High wind warning for Summit county this morning, especially over the high peaks. Wind gusts up to 90 mph can be expected. Weaker winds over the mountain valleys,”The Boulder National Weather Service advised.

Additional to the red flag WeatherWarning: The Denver metro area through Greely, and parts of the northeastern Plains are under a severe fire weather watch

Denver’s metro area could see winds of 30 to 35 mph. The foothills can experience winds up to 55 mph.

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The area could be ravaged by wildfires if it is exposed to strong winds, dry weather conditions, and blowing dust.


Meanwhile, Iowa MinnesotaOn Monday, large hail and possibly tornadoes will batter the region.

A warm front is expected soon to raise the surface temperature.

This combination of higher temperatures and a rich environment that favors storm development could lead to a decrease in atmospheric stability, which may limit the potential for storm development.

“All modes of severe weather will be possible, but it’s a very conditional threat,” KIMT meteorologist Ryan Knapp.

The severity of thunderstorms on Monday night will depend on whether or not there are steady cap lifts.

KIMT reported that if there is no cap, people can expect a small window of thunderstorms and the possibility of hail and tornadoes.

Thunderstorms will be brief but it depends on whether the stormcap regenerates as the sunsets.

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KIMT reported, “If the cap intensity does not completely break,” people can expect severe thunderstorms and high hail risks.

Storms are expected in the Mississippi River area to get more severe.

The powerful winds from Utah will sweep across southern Colorado on Monday


The strong winds from Utah will blow across southern Colorado MondayCredit to CBS
The National Weather Service said wind gusts up to 90 mph can be expected


According to the National Weather Service, wind gusts of up to 90 mph are possibleCredit: AP

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