Rapper ohtrapstar Among 3 Car Crash Victims

The death of rapper ohtrapstar in the early morning hours on Wednesday left his fans devastated. Ernesto Enrique Carralero was actually the 23-year-old rapper. He died in a Miami car crash that remains under investigation. He was joined by two others who were also killed in the accident.

Carralero was riding in a car along 22-year old Candido Miguel Barroso–Nodarse, and 23-yearold Bayle Piricilla Bucceri at time of crash. According to a report from PEOPLEThey were travelling at a high speed and lost control of their car, which crashed into a residential building. The car continued rolling for a while and finally flipped over, setting it ablaze. Local police reported that Bucceri, one of his passengers, and another were both pronounced dead on scene. A third passenger was transported to a hospital where he died shortly after.

According to local police, the crash remains under investigation. This could explain why certain details were not released. It is not known who was driving and what caused them to lose their control. In the meantime, five people were inside the duplex where they crashed into. Two people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

“What woke me up is the wall when it dropped on me I was sleeping. I just woke up and then I see the fire,”Jackner Surlin spoke in an interview. NBC Miami afterward. “And I got out of the house and I see the car that broke the wall and had the fire in it.”

Carralero was quickly gaining traction in the rap world as an ohtrapstar. His songs “Choppa”And “1%”Both were critically successful, but he hadn’t yet entered the mainstream commercial market. His friends founded a GoFundMeCampaign in his name, asking for donations that will help his family pay funeral costs.

“As his blood brother, none of this feels real and writing this doesn’t feel right at all. Three beautiful souls have been taken away from our and other families involved and we have been heavily affected by this terrible tragedy,”This is the message of the campaign. “Anyone who knew personally Ernesto and would like to help my family by donating, every single penny will be greatly appreciated. All money donated be towards funeral expenses.”

The campaign has raised $6,700 so close to its $10,000 goal. You can still listen to Carralero’s music on SoundCloud.


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