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Liz Truss promises to limit the ability of trade unions ‘paralyse economy’

Liz Truss has committed to doing “everything in her power”To ensure “militant action”Trade unions are no longer able to provide this service. “paralyse”If she wins the Tory leadership election, the economy.

The Foreign Secretary announced several measures that would prevent trade unions causing disruption on national services, such as strategic rail routes.

Ms Truss indicated that her government would introduce legislation within the first thirty days of Parliament if she becomes prime Minister at the start of September to guarantee minimum service to vital national infrastructure.

Each industry would have its own minimum thresholds and staffing levels.

By raising the minimum threshold to vote in favor of strike action, from 40% to 50%, she would ensure that strike action is supported by union members.

The minimum notice period to strike would be increased from two weeks up to four weeks. Additionally, a cooling-off period will be established so that unions are not able strike as many times in the six months following a ballot.

Ms Truss would also end members receiving tax-free trade union payments on strike days.

She stated, “We must take firm and decisive action to limit the power of trade unions to paralyse our economy.”

“I will do everything in my power to make sure that militant action from trade unions can no longer cripple the vital services that hard-working people rely on.”


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