Queen Elizabeth to Receive Stunning Present

Queen Elizabeth II will be receiving a very creative gift. News at 6Tulsa reported that Devida Bushrod, a local woman, made a quilt featuring Queen Elizabeth’s portrait. The publication reported that Buckingham Palace had already responded to Bushrod’s gesture and asked the artist to send her quilt across the pond.

Bushrod was born in the United Kingdom, but has settled in Tulsa since then. She wanted to make something special for Queen Elizabeth in honor of her Platinum Jubilee. Bushrod made a quilt with almost 2,000 pieces of fabric and a thousand hand-sewn beads. Tulsa resident, Bushrod, explained that she sent a letter to Buckingham Palace after creating the quilt. 

“I sent a letter and included photographs of the quilt and just thanking her for her service saying that I would love to send this to her if I could,”Bushrod responded. After several weeks, she received a Buckingham Palace response on their official letterhead. She continued: “I saw this letter and kind of lost my breath. And then looked at the back of it and saw the royal crest.”It was noted in the letter that Queen Elizabeth was very grateful to Bushrod for his gift. They asked her to forward it to the United Kingdom in honor of the monarch. Bushrod said, “I just feel lucky honestly.”

Bushrod is not sure what the quilt will be used for once it has been sent, but she said that Elizabeth could make her another one if she wanted to. Bushrod was overjoyed at the exchange and overwhelmed with gratitude. According to her, “The thought that I now have a story to tell my grandchildren and a letter to pass onto them – I think that is amazing.”Bushrod stated that it would be the cherry on the cake to get a letter from Her Majesty, and that she would gladly accept that. “just pass out probably. Just pass out. And just tell my husband take it and get it framed now – and don’t touch it. Wear white gloves!”If you’re near Tulsa, you can now see Bushrod’s quilt in person. It is currently on display at The Quilting Studio, Fabric MercantileUntil July 23. It will then be handed over to Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her 70th year on the throne. 


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