QAnon antivaxxer, who claimed that only ‘idiots would die from Covid, succumbs to it

Cirsten Weldon, a woman who recorded herself screaming at those waiting to get their vaccines, was caught by Covid last month. This came after a long campaign to undermine medical efforts

According to the campaigner, she was admitted to hospital. “bacterial pneumonia”However, doctors confirmed that she had contracted Covid.

After contracting Covid, a vocal anti-vaxxer claimed that the coronavirus vaccine killed people.

Cirsten Weldon used her platform online to share the story with the world “idiots”You would die from this deadly bug.

The disease has claimed more than five million lives around the globe, and the American jab opponent was the latest victim.

The QAnon promoter urged her followers as well as strangers that she met on the streets not to get the vaccine. She also advised them to ignore the restrictions imposed by the government.

She had amassed thousands of followers on her right-wing social media networks.

Mrs Weldon claimed Dr. Anthony Fauci as her leading doctor “needs to be hung from a rope”She screamed at people waiting in line for their boosters, as she captured the sound.

Cirsten Weldon posted videos of herself shouting at people who were waiting in line for their vaccines



One video was her warning: “The vaccines kill, don’t get it!”

Another one of her words was: “This is how gullible these idiots are. They’re all getting vaccine!”

According to reports, she passed away in Camarillo (California) on Thursday.

Her last social-media post featured an image of her lying in a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask.

On Thursday, she succumbed to the deadly bug in Camarillo (California)



She claimed that she had “bacterial pneumonia”But doctors yesterday confirmed that she had contracted Covid. On Friday, her death was announced.

Mrs Weldon’s wild conspiracy theories last year included claims that China paid President Joe Biden lots of money in order to test “ weather weapons”Texas

She appeared on a podcast in May claiming that Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary Of State, had died in 2020.

She isn’t the only anti-vaxxer who has died for Covid in recent days.

Doug Kazum, aged 61, passed away on Monday, 10 days after it was allegedly caught at the ReAwaken America Tour of Texas.

Late last year, the Omicron variant spread to other parts of the State, causing a spike in deaths and cases.

According to officials, Texas has reported 35,453 cases since Thursday.

ReAwaken America brought out many far right campaigners, including Michael Flynn who was a Trump advisor.

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