Putin’s ally threatens to destroy Britain in the Third World War, and warns NATO ‘playing with fire’


Retired Lieutenant-General Evgeny Buzhinsky, 72Credit: East2West

A ally of Vladimir Putin threatened to nuke Britain in a Third World War, and warned Nato. “playing with fire”.

Retired general Evgeny Buzhinsky’s chilling comments come as Lithuania – a Nato country – is restricting the movement of goods out of Russian territory.

Retired general Evgeny Buzhinsky threatened to nuke the UK


Evgeny Buzhinsky, a retired general, threatened to nuke BritainCredit: East2West
British troops taking part in Nato manoeuvre's


British troops taking part in Nato manoeuvre’sCredit: Getty

The dispute between these countries centers on the transportation of goods from Kaliningrad (a Russian enclave), which is seperated from the rest of the country and borders Lithuania.

Buzhinsky attacked Sir Patrick Sanders, a British general, in a Russian TV interview.

Sir Patrick issued a rallying call to troops to prepare to fight and beat Russian forces in a Third World War as he took command of the UK’s land forces this week.

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“He doesn’t understand that as a result of the Third World War Britain will physically cease to exist,”Putin’s ally said this.

“The island will vanish, so I’ve no idea where he or his descendants will live.”

Buzhinsky warned of the Kaliningrad situation as a consequence of the war in Ukraine “deeply serious”.

He urged Vladimir Putin to respond immediately by sending nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad, which is wedged between Lithuania and Poland, and is also the headquarters of the Kremlin’s Baltic Fleet.

According to the Lithuanians, they are only enforcing the sanctions that Europe Union has placed on Russia’s crushing son Ukraine.

The country is preventing the transit of sanctioned products, such as steel via Kaliningrad’s only railway line.

The only way Russia can supply the territory without worrying about EU sanctions now is by sea.

The move has caused anger in Russia, with Buzhinsky claiming that the West intended it. “block Kaliningrad economically, completely, until our people howl from destitution”.

Buzhinsky was a senior officer in the Russian defense ministry. “we have to take very decisive steps”.

“This is a long game to push us out from the Baltic Sea, an attempt to block and cut Kaliningrad off, and finally to take it away from us,”He claimed.

“We need to demonstratively move nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad.”

He also called for the nullifying of Russia’s recognition of Lithuania’s independence then to “switch Lithuania off from energy”.

He called on the Kremlin for control of the Suvalkovsky corridor, which is the route that crosses Lithuania from Russian ally Belarus.

It comes after Putin has issued a chilling threat to the former countries of the Soviet Union, warning of a repeat of the Ukrainian invasion if anyone defies Russia.

Between 1990 and 1991, the Soviet Union fell apart, creating the countries of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

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Speaking on Sunday, Putin made clear he wouldn’t hesitate to extend the Ukrainian war to other countries he views as within Russia’s orbit.

He also stated that countries who turn against the Kremlin wouldn’t be allowed to do so. “be allies”Moscow

Buzhinsky called for Russia to move nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad


Buzhinsky urged Russia to send nuclear weapons to KaliningradCredit: East2West


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