Putin faces BACKLASH, as Kremlin politicians rebel and DEMAND an ‘immediate withdrawal of troops’

A top Ukrainian official warns that WW3 WILL FINALLY begin if Russia’s invasion doesn’t stop.

A Ukrainian negotiator warned that the UKRAINE must win against Russia in order to avoid a third world conflict.

Mykhailo Podolyak, presidential adviser, warned that Russia would lose if Moscow doesn’t lose. “revanchism and chauvinism will only swell”.

He stated to Ukrainian TV that defeating the invaders would cause a third war. This was something he believes Western countries are well aware of and will allow them to supply more arms.

He said: “Itʼs very simple. If Russia does not lose, then Russian chauvinism and revanchism will only swell, they will become larger. And the war — the Third World War, which they [the Europeans] are so afraid of — will definitely happen,” Podoliak explained.

“Russia will hate us much more… They will want revenge on us,”

Boris Johnson today asked for Ukraine to receive advanced long-range weapons. He also stressed that Russia’s troops are making progress. “palpable progress”The Donbas region.

He stated that it was “vital”As Russian forces slow down, they will provide Ukraine long-range rocket launchers. “chew through ground”The east.

The Prime Minister warned about the dangers of negotiating with the “crocodile”Russian dictator, but Mr Putin must admit that his so-called “de-Nazification”Ukraine is over, he can’t. “withdraw with dignity and honour”.

“I’m afraid that Putin at great cost to himself and Russian military is continuing to chew through ground in Donbas, he’s continuing to make gradual, slow but I’m afraid palpable progress,”Johnson stated this to Bloomberg.  It is therefore vital that we continue to support Ukraine militarily.”


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