PS5 UK stock LIVE – GAME, Amazon & Smyths may get consoles restock THIS WEEK, experts predict

What’s the best way to purchase a PS5 at GAME?

The official UK PS5 restock Twitter account has advised that those trying to purchase a console will be better off trying to purchase a bundle.

Consoles sold on their own are extremely difficult to purchase via GAME, as they typically save all the stock to the bundles they offer.

The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter handle have said “You’re about 80% better off going for a bundle to have success in acquiring a PS5 console.

“Once you are in the queue, do not refresh as the queue is doing all the refreshing for you in the background, live.

“Don’t let the wait time in the queue put you off, hang in there with every bit of patience till the end unless you really haven’t got the time to wait.

“Use guest checkout, rather than using your GAME account. The reason is that there is some sort of error that GAME hasn’t fixed for a long time, where the site won’t let you purchase certain products whilst logged in.


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