Prince William sent Camilla’s daughter Laura “into a Rage” and had ‘Terrible fights’ with her. Claims book

While Prince William and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall got along well right from their first meeting in person, that was not true for William and Camilla’s little girl Laura. They often blamed one another for their parents’ divorces and fought about it.

Camilla, Duchess-of-Cornwall, was always a fixture in Prince Charles’s life. After Princess Diana’s death, Prince Charles was made publically ashamed for having an affair.

Camilla became Charles’ most powerful support system after Diana’s tragic passing. She was a mother and recognized the importance of Prince William’s father figure. However, it was also inevitable that Prince Harry and Prince Harry would be introduced to her.

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The meetingOn June 12, 1998, a mere year after Diana’s passing, William and Camilla were married. William was still protective of his mother’s memories, but his curiosity outweighed his loyalty to his mother.

After a thirty-minute conversation, William quickly realized that he had so much in common with Camilla. They shared a love of the countryside and a passion for riding horses and fox hunting.

Even though Diana blamed Camilla, William and Camilla had a deeper connection. They planned another meeting after the first one was so successful.

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Tina Brown (the former editor of Vanity Fair) revealed details about their connection. Tina said that William had accepted Camilla as a result of his father’s relationship. She said that William has been mature over the years.

After the success of William’s and Camilla’s first meeting, Harry was ready to meet his step-mother. Charles and William were there to break the ice with the 14-year old, while William was at Highgrove just a few more weeks later.

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It turned out that the meeting was far from William and Camilla’s, as Harry was not as welcoming of Camilla as William had been to their father’s mistress. Camilla recalls how he looked at her. “suspiciously”He first saw her for the first time.

Harry would continue to harbor the subtle animosity for many years. Never fully embraced Camilla. Brown claims that Harry is not at peace with Camilla’s presence, and that he doesn’t want Camilla to be the queen. She believes Harry will never accept Camilla fully.


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William and Camilla created a strong bond from the start. The prince also became close to Camilla’s children, many years younger than him. Camilla’s son Tom, an Etonian graduate and Oxford graduate, was Laura’s gap year.

He loved listening to Laura’s stories about her adventures in South Africa. Don’t be deceived. The couple fought hard despite William’s attraction to Laura, slightly older.

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They would often blame each other for their parents’ divorces, and would continue to do so for many days. She wrote the following: “William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls,” royal expert Katie Nicholl :

“William and Laura used to have terrible fights over who was to blame for their broken homes.”

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“William would blame Camilla for all the hurt she had caused his mother, which would send Laura into a rage.” Nicholl Write. Laura refused to sit down with the book and fired back at William. The endless banter would continue. The book Says:

“Laura was not having any of it. She would take a hard line and fire back at William, ‘Your father has ruined my life.'”

Tom wasn’t safe, either. He and Laura were both hurt by the news about Camilla and Charles. His friends would joke about it.

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William could empathize as he too had been subject to the same cruel humiliation by his peers. After Charles and Camilla started to have a relationship, William was able to stop blaming his parents and began getting along with Laura.

William and Camilla have made great strides in recent years to overcome their difficulties and their relationship has been a success. Camilla being made Queen’s Consort was reportedly approved by the father of three.


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As everyone tried to adjust to the changes in their lives and to Camilla’s death, the years that followed Charles’ marriage were fraught with family disputes.

This period brought out the worst of everyone. Camilla recalls that Charles and William had a turbulent relationship at the time. She would be horrified to see how William would rant at his father, while Charles would cower.

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The future Queen Consort didn’t know William had such a temper, and was shocked when he unleashed his vice in her presence. It was something she confided in close friends. It is possible to say:

“The boy’s got a temper!”

In his book “Battle of Brothers,”Robert Lacey recounts how Camilla was initially terrified by the boy’s temper at the beginning. Noting: “Charles’s wife had been horrified at the ranting and raving that on occasion William had unleashed against her husband in her presence.”

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William wanted everything perfect. If Charles didn’t live up to his expectations, William would unleash his fury on him. Camilla said that William was completely open to the possibility of failure in those moments.

William, like his brother Harry had an erratic temper. Charles’ parenting mistakes would anger him especially and he was not willing to pretend that Charles, a workaholic and ever-worrying father, had fulfilled his promises.

Since then, William has slowed down his rants and spats are now gone. Charles and William are closer now that they have made the necessary changes after Harry’s departure. They recognize now more than ever the importance of working together to ensure the future of the monarchy.


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