Prince Andrew Reportedly Selling Swiss Ski Chalet Because Queen Won’t Pay Legal Fees


Prince Andrew is reported to be trying to sell his Swiss chalet to help pay his legal fees in the case against Virginia Roberts Giuffre for sexual assault. 

Giuffre claimed she was sex-trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein. She was 17 years old when Giuffre met with him on three separate occasions. The alleged abuse occurred in New York, London, and Virgin Islands.

While the Queen has previously stood by her son, even planning to award him with a Platinum Jubilee medal despite the scandal, it is now reported that the Duke of York will be required to pay his own legal bills without his mother’s assistance. He is allegedly now trying to sell his Verbier chalet, Chalet Helora, for £17 million in a bid to do so.

Prince Andrew (Alamy)Alamy

Today, January 7, the Duke of York could find out if he will face a full civil trial as a result of the lawsuit, which Giuffre filed under the New York Child Victims Act, the Mirror reports.

If Prince Andrew loses the case, Giuffre could be awarded as much as £3 million as part of a settlement.

If the Duke of York makes an eleventh-hour offer, a settlement could be reached outside of court. However, those familiar with the matter say that no such agreement has been reached.

‘No discussions have been had regarding a financial settlement. This is a US civil litigation, and given that the vast majority of US civil litigation is settled out of court, it would always remain an option on the table,’A source stated.

The possibility of the Queen settling the Duke of York’s legal bills allegedly made her other son, Prince Charles, and grandson, Prince William, ‘absolutely furious’.

Queen and Prince Andrew (PA)PA Images

‘They are both of the opinion that Andrew can sort out his own mess,’Source claimed.

Andrew is in a crunch situation on many fronts. Andrew has to cover all of the expenses so he must quickly raise cash to pay his increasing bills.

The Queen could help him settle if there was the possibility.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson jointly own the seven-bedroom ski chalet. Although they had agreed to sell it in September last year, the deal has yet to go through. Prince Andrew is reported to be ‘urgently’You want to sell the property.

The publication of an historic agreement between Giuffre, Epstein was the latest update to the case. These documents showed that Giuffre was paid by Epstein half a million dollars to stop any legal claims against the sex offender.

The Duke of York’s lawyers are trying to use this agreement to throw out the case.


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