Pregnant Woman Is Turned Away from Hospital, Has to Give Birth at a Gas Station

When a husband and his pregnant wife were reportedly refused entry to a hospital, they decided to turn around and drive back. However, the unexpected happened nearly thirty minutes later. The couple was forced to pull into nearby gas station.

Are you familiar with situations in which things didn’t go according to plan? We spend a lot of time and effort planning things so that nothing goes according to plan. But sometimes, it’s surprising how unexpectedly things turn out. 

The universe weaves fascinating and mysterious stories that can leave us speechless. This story is a variation on this theme. This couple’s story of surprise, refusal and renewal is fascinating.

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Lauren and Steve Banks were a happily married couple and parents to two lovely girls. The North Carolina couple was thrilled to find out they were pregnant with a child. 

They were excited to welcome their baby girl and embrace parenthood again. Things went smoothly, and eventually, the soon-to-be parents came much closer to their little one’s arrival. 


On March 23, 2021, almost one week before her due date, Lauren started experiencing painful contractions. Resultantly, she and her husband did what was the need of the hour in their situation — they headed straight to the hospital. Steve recounted: 

“Without a doubt, she was in labor. Anybody could tell that.” 

Lauren and Steve drove straight to the CarolinaEast Medical Center in New Bern, North Carolina, without wasting time. But, the hospital didn’t live up to their expectations. 


Much to their surprise, the Bankses said they didn’t receive the warm welcome they had hoped for. Instead of admitting her to the hospital, Lauren stated that the hospital turned her away. 

His parents, even though he was a very dramatic gas station debutant, hope that he will tell the story in a happy way to their son when he is older. 

Sharing his grievances, Steve remembered that his pregnant wife was denied admittance to labor and delivery several times, even though she was in obvious pain and labor. 

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The couple explained that a doctor examined Lauren but refused to admit her because she only measured four centimeters dilated. The Bankses also stated that doctors wouldn’t admit Lauren unless she was five centimeters. Lauren recalled: 

“He [the doctor] said he was sorry I was in pain, but I was giving him no medical reason to keep me. He said, ‘Your blood pressure’s fine, I can’t keep you due to pain.'” 

During the examination, Lauren said her contractions became increasingly intense and painful. “At this point, I am bawling my eyes out on all fours on the bed,” described Lauren. 


But despite the woman’s severe contractions, the Bankses stated that the hospital staff still made them leave. The couple made the decision to go home, not knowing what to do. Then, after about half an hours, something happened. 

Lauren told Steve that she was worried she would not make it through night. He tried to drive to another hospital, but this did not work. The Bankses requested a neighbor to watch over their daughters while they took care of things, but they were oblivious to what fate had in store for them.

On the way, Lauren’s contractions became worse, at which point her water broke, and she asked her husband to call 911 immediately. Then, the couple pulled into the parking lot of a Handy Mart in Bridgetown, a town on the coast, around 130 miles east of Raleigh. 


Steve was said to have had a 911 dispatcher on speakerphone as he helped his wife deliver her baby from their SUV’s front seat. Lauren reportedly gave birth to her baby in the car, right between pumps four and five. Steve recollected

He [the baby] came out and he was purple, and he wasn’t making a lot of noise. I was concerned about all the other things going on.”

Shortly afterward, the EMTs arrived on the scene and helped Lauren and her baby into an ambulance. Then, they brought Lauren back to the hospital that she said had refused to admit her a few hours earlier. 


Steve said that he initially was worried for his newborn son and his wife, but that his anxiety subsided once the EMS team arrived. The doting father expressed:

“They came up and saw what was happening and jumped into action. They are, I believe, a major reason why everything ran so smoothly and there were no complications. I cannot thank them enough.”

A spokesperson for CarolinaEast Medical Center said that the hospital could not comment on the case because of privacy and that the hospital staff would not turn a patient away. The statement further said that the hospital took pride in its 55-year-long legacy and took pride in serving people. 

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Despite the terrifying ordeal, the Bankses were rejoiced to welcome their son, Truett. Regardless, they said they were baffled over why their child had to be born at a gas station instead of a hospital. Lauren opined:

“My baby deserved better than that. Many things could have happened.”

Truett is said to be doing fine, other than slight jaundice. Even though he made quite a dramatic gas station debut, his parents hope to relate the story to him joyously when he grows up. 

What are your thoughts on this shocking birth story? This story is similar to the one in which a woman began praying as she realized that she was about for a natural birth at a gas station. You can click here to read the whole story. 


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