Pregnant Mykelti Padron Hurting For Cash?

Sister WivesSeason 17 is still being shot. Even though Mykelti is pregnant with twins, it appears she will still be involved in the production. There are many questions about how this will be incorporated into the season. She is currently pregnant with her second child, and Season 16 began with the baby shower for her first. The logistics of the series are usually about a decade behind. Fans are curious about what Mykelti is up to, since she was suddenly filming. Is Mykelti trying to keep her three children close by this time? Or is she secretly desperate for money?

Mykelti Leaves Her Mark On Sister Wives

Mykelti was just a teenager when viewers met her first time. This was an interesting dynamic, as Mykelti was one of twelve children in a multi-generational family. Christine, Christine’s mother, was Kody Brown’s third wife. Christine was expecting her sixth baby while Kody was trying to find his fourth wife. Kody, his fourth wife, and all their children lived together in Utah, so it was truly a family. Although they worked together, their lives became more difficult. Kody was feared to be in prison by the Browns so they fled to Vegas.

Mykelti had always hoped for a career as a fashion model. Then, just a few months after Maddie got married, Tony Padron was introduced to her. They were both bankers, and they had a very fast courtship. The courtship was so quick that her parents were reluctant to give her their hand, but she reluctantly agreed. They had an eclectic Mexican-themed wedding in 2016, complete with tacos and sneakers. Tony was questioned by fans about his career as a banker before moving into gaming. In 2020, they revealed that they were expecting their first baby. Avalon Asa was conceived in April 2021. But there was more.

Return for More. But Why?

Season 17 Sister WivesSince the finale in February/March, has been filming. There has been a lot since then. One big event was the announcement that Mykelti was pregnant again. This time, she’s expecting twins. It is not clear how the show will work this season, as they usually have to wait a year. They will either jump in time or store footage. Mykelti didn’t appear much last season. She probably only appeared three times. First, she announced that she was pregnant. Then, the gender reveal took place. Finally, the baby shower. She recently shared that she was driving from Utah to Flagstaff to film. She was also pregnant with twins, so why would she drive to Flagstaff during the summer heat?

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Many fans suspect this is because it’s for the money. Recently, it was asked how Tony and Mykelti would afford to have their three children. She encourages MLM and he appears to still be in the videogame industry. A fan noticed that Mykelti was filming. “she must be desperate for money.”It is not clear how much TLCBrown kids get paid for their appearances. It will be fascinating to see her role when the show returns.

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