Portugal scraps Covid tests for Brits

PORTUGAL has scrapped pre-arrival Covid tests for Brits, in a welcome move ahead of the half-term holidays.

Currently, anyone travelling to Portugal from the UK needs to have a Covid test before entering the country.


Portugal is scrapping their pre-arrival Covid tests for BritsCredit: Alamy

The rules were introduced back in November, with a PCR taken no more than 72 hours before travelling, or an antigen taken no more than 48 hours before travelling.

However, from next week, fully vaccinated Brits will no longer need to have any Covid tests to enter.

The Portuguese government said in a statement that: “those who present the EU COVID Digital Certificate in any of its modalities or other proof of vaccination that has been recognised,” will no longer need them.

The move, approved in a cabinet meeting, is aligned with European Union rules.

It did not say when the decision would take effect, but the rules now in force were meant to last until February 9.

The Interior Ministry has not officially confirmed if the British form of vaccine passport is accepted but it is expected that they will be allowed.

However it is great news for Brits wanting to go on holiday during the half-term holidays, saving them money as well as any extra stress from the added restrictions.

In early January, Portugal eased some COVID curbs allowing students to return to schools and nightclubs to reopen but kept the negative test requirement to all passengers entering the country.

To be fully vaccinated, Brits must have had their second jab less than nine months ago, or have had their booster jab.

The new rules come as Spain tightens their entry restrictions, with anyone over the age of 12 having to be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

Proof of recoveries are not accepted, and anyone who had their second jab more than nine months ago must have had their booster jab.

France has followed suit, with all arrivals having to have their second jab nine months ago or had their booster.

It is great news for Brits planning a half-term holiday to Portugal


It is great news for Brits planning a half-term holiday to PortugalCredit: Alamy


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