Popcorn Popping In Ultra Slow-Motion Will Send You Into A Trance

Warped Perception/YouTube

This video of popcorn popping in slow motion will settle your Sunday scaries.

Chicago-based YouTubers Warped Perception captured the incredible video and, honestly, it’s the best thing we’ve seen in a while.

The recording traces the journey of a humble popcorn kernel to the fluffy snack we all know and love.

Popcorn (Pixabay)Pixabay

The first recording from the company at 1,300 frames per second shows the satisfying moment the kernel pops. However, if you really want to see the process unfold, their next video is at 15,000 frames per second, which is 1,250 times slower than in real-time and it’s a thing of beauty.

The incredible pop of the popular snack is due to its ability to transfer heat to the inside of the kernel. As the temperature goes up, moisture can penetrate the interior and press against the skin, with a continued rise in temperature causing the skin to split and the statch to be revealed.

Scientists actually found that you can make popcorn bigger by using a vacuum pump to lower the air pressure in a pot, which makes them expand faster than normal.

We’ll stick with the microwave and this incredible video for now.

Shola Lee

Shola Lee began her journalism career while studying for her undergraduate degree at Queen Mary, University of London and Columbia University in New York. She has written for the Columbia Spectator, QM Global Bloggers, CUB Magazine, UniDays, and Warner Brothers’ Wizarding World Digital. Recently, Shola took part in the 2021 BAFTA Crew and BBC New Creatives programme before becoming a journalist at UNILAD, where she works on breaking news, trending stories, and features.


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