Police kill and shoot man accused of trespassing ‘charged at deputies’Hesperia: Officials

Police killed and shot a man for trying to steal their guns ‘charged at deputies’Tuesday morning in Hesperia: Authorities reported.

The shooting took place after deputies with the Hesperia Police Department were called to a domestic disturbance around 11:25 a.m. in the 8900 block of Ninth Avenue.

A 911 caller informed dispatch that Anthony Nunez, 42 years old, had assaulted a resident of the home. The San Bernardino County Sheriff Department released a press release.

Nunez was at the front door when deputies arrived at the house.

“He was uncooperative and held a weapon in his hands,” Sheriff Department officials stated.

Several people inside the house were evacuated as the deputies spoke to the man.

While deputies attempted to force him to surrender, the man held on to the weapon inside his residence.

“Nunez eventually exited the home, armed with a weapon, and charged at the deputies. A deputy involved shooting occurred,” Sheriff Department officials stated.

Officials have not provided details on what type of weapon the suspect may have used at the time.

Deputies and fire personnel rushed to save the man’s life following the shooting, but Nunez was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene, according to authorities.

During the incident, no deputies nor bystanders were hurt. 

The police shooting is now under investigation by the Sheriff’s Department, and no further details were available.

Anyone with information, or anyone who might have witnessed the incident, is asked to call Detective Jonathan Ramstad at 909-387-33589.


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