Pokemon Go surprises players by Hisuian Voltorb of Pokemon Legends

POKEMON GO celebrates the launch of the new Pokemon Game with a crossover that has players buzzing.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus launched last Wednesday and introduced a number of new pokemon into the series.


Hisuian Voltorb now available in Pokemon GOCredit: NIantic

The franchise has variants of pokemon appear that specific to in-game regions — in this case, the Hisuian region.

Voltorb, a Grass and Electric-type pokemon, will be available in Pokemon GO up until the Power Plant event.

The event began on January 19 and will conclude on February 1.

Hisuian voltorb available only Roll outOn January 31, players would have only a few days to spot and catch it.

The good news is that the Blog Pokemon GOIt’ll continue to be available during the holidays, according to its creator. Lunar Event.

Pokemon GO’s Lunar Event runs from Tuesday February 1 through Monday February 7, so there’s still plenty of time to catch Hisuian voltorb.

Shiny varieties are readily available. Both Hisuian and Kanto regions are more common in the wild.

You can also complete a few Special Research Tasks, which will reward you with a Voltorb encounter.

Unfortunately, Hisuian Voltorb is unable to evolve into Hisuian Electricde right now.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Voltorb: Special Research tasks

  • 1. Stage
    • 10 Pokemon
    • To catch pokemon, you can use 10 Berries
    • Give your buddy 3 treats
  • Stage 2
    • Catch 20 pokemon
    • To catch fish, you can use 20 Berries pokemon
    • Do 10 curveball throws

There are three Razz Berries, one Pinap Berry, and an encounter with a Hisuian Voltorb as rewards.

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