Plus-size model slams airline after seatbelt ‘too small’ during flight

After one of her seatbelts was too small, a PLUS-size model blasted an airline.

Remi Bader sharedVideo Tiktok: She demonstrated that she was unable to buckle her seatbelt while on a Delta Air Lines flight.


Remi Bader, a plus-size model, shared a video blasting Delta Air Lines over the size of their seatbelts
She was unable to buckle the seatbelt on a flight, as it was too small to fit round her waist


Because the belt was too small to fit around her waist, she was unable to fasten her seatbelt during a flight.

She wrote: “Delta, figure it out!”The video was shared with her 2.1m followers.

Even though airlines offer seatbelt extenders to passengers who are in need, Remi (a UK or US size 18) didn’t believe she should be required to wear one. She blamed the airline because they don’t have standard seatbelts.

She captioned the video “And no, I shouldn’t need to ask for an extender. It should just be easy.”

The video was viewed 1m times and the majority of viewers agreed with her.

One person wrote: “Eeek. Everyone praises Delta too. Being a size 14 should not warrant an extension.”

Someone else put: “How about they find a way to eliminate the need for a person to ask for one if they need it! We can put an aeroplane in the sky, but not do this?”

Another author wrote: “I’m in shock! So many people are your size – this is insane.”

Others were less sympathetic and suggested Remi ask for a seatbelt extension and continue the flight.

Someone put: “Just get the extender”One wrote, and another wrote: “Don’t blame it on them”.

An additional third: “I genuinely don’t understand why y’all can’t just ask for an extended instead of making a problem out of it.”

A spokesperson for Delta said: “We apologise for this customer’s experience and appreciate the feedback as we continue to look for ways to create an inclusive travel experience for all.

“While we understand the sensitivities at play, safety remains our number one priority, and we ask that customers requiring seatbelt extenders self-identify to the flight attendants upon boarding in order to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirement.”

Last month, another plus size woman shared her struggles with flying on a plane. Some suggested that she should pay two seats.

Kirsty, a 29-year-old Shropshire woman, shared a video in which she was on a plane, with the tray table partially extended and her seatbelt against her stomach.

While many viewers sympathized, others suggested that she should purchase two plane seats.

One wrote: “Really not fair to others to take up one and a half seats. Buy two seats or don’t fly.”

In 2019, a man sparked a debate after he charged an obese plane passenger £100 for taking up some of his seat on a flight.

One man called a woman fat while flying. He texted his girlfriend and said that she was too big for the plane to take off.

The video has been watched 1m times and while some viewers were on Remi's side, others weren't so sympathetic


The video has been viewed over 1m times. While Remi was supported by some viewers, Remi was not so loved by others.Credit: Alamy


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