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The pilot claimed that communications were cut off for 10 minutes due to equipment failure. However, internal investigations by the airline have cast doubt on this claim.

According to reports, the captain fell asleep at his controls, causing a terror panic

After allegedly falling asleep at a control panel of a plane, a captain who worked for one of Italy’s largest airlines was fired. The incident prompted a terror alert by French authorities.

Traffic controllers could not communicate with the plane over 10 minutes. This led to French officials warning Italy that there was a possibility of terrorist hijacking.

An internal investigation was conducted by operator ITA Airways. “inconsistencies”In the Captain’s Story, he claimed that there were malfunctions with the equipment.

The co-pilot had been asleep since the beginning of the flight. “controlled rest”Reports are allowed as per procedure. However, the captain is expected to be awake, reachable, and available for any questions. Telegraph.

A new state-owned Italian carrier Italia Trasporto Aereo plan



Both pilots of the ITA Airways AZ609 passenger plane from New York to Rome on April 30, fell asleep at the controls for the Airbus 330.

Michele Anzaldi (a centre-left lawmaker) called for an apology from the state-owned carrier on Twitter. “What happened on the ITA flight from New York, where both pilots fell asleep, is very grave.

“The company has a duty to guarantee that this will never happen again and must apologise to the passengers.”

A spokesperson for the airline assured concerned customers that the flight was operated by autopilot, that it was operating at normal speed and that no passenger safety was at risk.

ITA stated in a statement to The Telegraph that an investigation had revealed that the captain acted as a result. “not in compliance with procedure”Both during and after landing.

Technicians tested all systems as part of the internal investigation and found no issues, refuting the captain’s account that the blackout was due to problems with the communications system.

The airline stressed the importance of this. “clearly and rigorously”The safety of the flight was guaranteed

After numerous attempts to contact the plane by Marseille traffic controllers, the snafoo was finally discovered.

They tried unsuccessfully several times to contact pilots about their situation.

France’s air authorities were concerned about a possible terrorist attack and contacted Rome’s counterparts at 5.21 AM. They then contacted the airline.

Before the pilots responded, two fighter jets were already preparing to intercept it.

The plane landed in Rome 20 minutes prior to its scheduled arrival time.

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