Pilot reports seeing jet pack near LAX … again

After a commercial airline pilot reported that he saw a jetpack near LAX, the Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating.

The sighting took place around 2:45 PM on Thursday approximately 15 miles east the airport.

It’s not the first time the FAA has been alerted about possible jet pack sightings near LAX. Numerous sightings were reported since October 2020, and sightings continue to be reported every few months.

The FAA has worked with the FBI to investigate each jet pack sighting, and so far none, including Thursday’s reported sighting, have been verified. In fact, in November 2021, Los Angeles Police Department released video footage of strange-looking balloons that they thought could be responsible.

The video was captured in November 2020 and shows a skeleton-like inflatable balloon. This could be an inflatable Jack Skellington. “Nightmare Before Christmas” film.

It remains unclear at this time what the reported jet pack sightings actually are, but some experts have said it’s unlikely to be a person due to the high altitude of the sightings. A high-powered drone attached to a mannequin is another theory.

Perhaps we’ll never know for sure what’s behind the jet pack sightings at LAX, but it’s always fun to theorize.


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