Piers Morgan Hits Out At Non-Binary 007 Possibility


Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to comment on the potential of the next James Bond being non-binary.

In a move that’s shocked no one, Morgan has laid into the possibility of a non-binary 007, after producer Barbara Broccoli – who works on the Bond franchise – responded to questions over the gender of a future Bond.

Piers Morgan (Alamy)Alamy

During an interview for the Girls On Film podcast, host Anna Smith asked Broccoli if the iconic character could be ‘non-binary, perhaps, maybe one day?’

Who knows? I mean, I think it’s open. We just have to find the right actor.

The response sparked criticism from Morgan, who took to Twitter in a scathing rant.

For the love of God, just leave the poor man alone to be a proper man; a steely-eyed, hard-drinking, womanising, smoking, charming, politically incorrect, freedom-defending bastion of old-fashioned gloriously woke-allergic manhood.

People responded to the controversial tweet, questioning why Morgan took issue with the idea.

You know, all the old moves will still exist. It’s funny that the idea of a fictional “old man” is being harmed is somehow more important then the actual people who may be inspired by the representation.

Meanwhile, others referenced Broccoli and said ‘Barbara would never allow it’.

Rumours have continued swirling around about who will play the next Bond, with names including Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Richard Madden being thrown around by fans. No one has been confirmed for the role as of yet.

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